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A Passion for Duvet Covers & Sets

We offer Online Egyptian Cotton Bedding Set, with a passion for making the Online Duvet Covers and Online Bedding Sheets in the world. The online bedding sheet industry was still a new thing. From the beginning, we never wanted to become a giant in the industry, rather offer top-quality bed sheets at truly Online prices. We bring you amazing 100% Egyptian Cotton bedding, at prices that won't keep you up at night.

The Most Luxurious Bedding Sheets Online

We are proud to say that our bedding sets known for its premium quality Egyptian Cotton Sheets, Duvets and Sets. We are able to offer our products at Online prices because we bypass the middlemen and manufacture our products in-house after procuring the raw materials directly from qualified manufacturer. We go right to the source to reduce costs so that we can offer our products at considerably lower prices. High quality, low prices, and exceptional customer service have been our pillars of success.

The Story Behind Our Famous Egyptian Cotton Bedding

What makes us different from other bedding stores? The answer is very simple: Do the right things and put all efforts on quality. The bottom line is that we produce superior, high quality Egyptian cotton bed sheets and other bed products, selling them directly to the customers at an Online price. Here is how we are able to do it.

We Source Our Cotton Directly from Manufacturers

The secret to our success is that we cut out the middleman. We know this is a common marketing phrase, but it really is the foundation of our business model. In spite of whatever labeling a supplier of cotton may use, there is no real guarantee they actually provide pure and authentic Egyptian cotton. This is a problem in the industry, with inferior cotton often being blended in with Egyptian cotton, or replacing it entirely, to cut costs. We decided to tackle this problem by procuring our cotton directly from the cotton suppliers which are qualified. This decision not only guarantees the authenticity of our cotton, but also gives us full quality control over the production process from beginning to end.

While this requires extra work, it is worth doing because it leads to a superior product. This is what makes our sheets special.


As we mentioned, we procure our cotton directly. This is how we can guarantee that we are purchasing 100 percent authentic cotton. Egyptian cotton’s long, strong fibers make for fabrics with excellent softness and durability and allow for a dense, tight weave that has high thread counts and feels good on the skin.

Sourcing the cotton directly not only gives us more control over quality but also benefits the farmers themselves, as they get a better price for their harvest.

Once we have the cotton, we clean and sterilize the raw cotton. This makes it hypoallergenic by ridding it of dust, harmful bacteria, and other unwanted debris. The cotton is then combed with specialized equipment to make it ready for spinning. This process arranges all the fibers in the same direction and removes short fibers that are more likely to break in the future.

Combed cotton leads to a softer, stronger cotton than regular carded cotton.


The process of transforming the loose cotton fibers into strong threads or yarns is called spinning. We do this by twisting together drawn-out strands of cotton fibers to form yarn. The cotton fibers are blown into a rotating chamber, where they attach themselves to the tail of the already-formed yarn as it is continuously being drawn out of the chamber.


This is the process of interlacing two distinct sets of yarns at right angles to form a fabric. During the weaving process, the technical factors of the fabric such as the thread count and ply are established.

The woven fabric is then further processed to give it a smooth and lustrous finish before it is dyed. Finally, the dyed fabric is washed so that it gets rid of the extra color. This ensures that the end-product does not lose color when the customer washes it: The rich, vivid colors you see when you purchase the fabric will last for a long time.

Stitching and Packaging

This is the last step of the manufacturing process. Our skilled craftsmen cut and stitch the finished fabric to create the most luxurious bed sheets. The final products are then packed into beautiful bags before they are delivered to millions of happy customers. The quality of the product we offer is as good as, and sometimes better, than the quality you will find in world-class hotels and resorts. There simply is no finer cotton in the world.

Thank you for stopping by our store! Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. Happy Shopping!